Infrastructure for sustainable crypto mining and digital products that power the blockchain industry.

Self-mining operation that is fully integrated and focuses on the next generation of digital assets.

We mine digital assets because we believe blockchain is more than just another disruptive technology. It’s an opportunity to reshape our institutions to be more fair, inclusive, and sustainable.

We self-mine with a 100% carbon neutral footprint, and to date, 55-60% of our electricity comes from sustainable power, including solar and hydro. We take sustainability in our self-mining seriously.

Our engineers have developed a container equipped with cooling and ventilation systems, that allow the devices to work efficiently. Our technical team works 24/7 to optimize and increase the generation and income from the mining.


100%Carbon neutral footprint
2MVInstalled capacity
500+Operational miners
100%Carbon neutral footprint
2MVInstalled capacity
500+Operational miners


Innovative container mining



Installation, security, electricity, upkeep, and cooling

Complete coverage

Miners acquisition assistance and experience working with the best suppliers on the market

Safety guarantee. We provide several options for valuing and insuring equipment on our premises

Statistics and monitoring

Mining performance monitoring in real time

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We build our own digital products to support the adaption of blockchain based products and services. We are driven by the belief in blockchain technology and its transformative power.

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Trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange - start buying and selling cryptocurrency with just a few clicks.

CryptoIEX makes use of the most dependable and effective security technologies available. We will continue to provide customer-friendly solutions at the most competitive prices.

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(Crypto)Trade Signals Marketplace App - generating alpha. We provide institutional and retail clients with the best possible foundation for making simple decisions in order to achieve above-average returns on their investments through our financial algorithms marketplace.

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The A-Team of crypto mining


Marie Giorgobiani

Having an extensive experience in the legal field, Marie is passionate about legal nuances of cryptocurrency regulations around the world.


Mikheil Didebulidze

Mikheil is an entrepreneur, and an investor with experience in incubating, launching, and scaling startups.


Daniel Schmid

Daniel is an internet entrepreneur, and has created award-winning internet business models.


We are offering attractive investment alternative for large investors and family offices to diversify portfolios with digital assets.

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